How to Deal With Transparent Fabrics

Thin fabrics are great for summer, but they can easily become transparent and show too much when they’re exposed to sun (or a camera’s flash). Aside from switching to clothing with a thicker type of fabric or doubling up on layers, there are several ways to deal with transparent fabric without showing too much:

  • Wear a thin layer of 100% cotton clothing underneath, especially in a neutral color that matches your skin tone.
  • Wear nipple covers so that nothing unwanted shows up in direct sunlight or under a camera flash.
  • Pick darker colors that are unlikely to become see through or sheer in sunlight. Blue, dark red, brown and other very strong colors don’t show up in direct sunlight, making them good if you’re worried about being modest.

In general, you can’t avoid every type of fabric from having some kind of sheer effect in sunlight, unless you choose very thick clothes that aren’t always suitable for summer. However, the three tips listed above are all effective and good choices.